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PHANTOMS: What Went Wrong Last Night...?
Find out what happened & why Phantoms couldn't perform in Aux-Cayes (Keep reading below pic..)
[Image: KINGKINO280.jpg]
Last night PHANTOMS was scheduled to perform in OKOTO close to AUX-CAYES with Melomanes Star Plus one of a local band, but they couldn't perform cause they were having issues with the sound.

According to our correspondent BLACK DESIGN, when the local band started doing their soundcheck, the sound keeps cutting out on them. However, none of the bands didn't have a chance to perform last night. We have learned the event were organized by PHANTOMS manager Sergo Gaspard.

Note: Nou aprann pat ko gen moun andedan , yo te oblije pat jwe, epi anule bal yo pou sware a.
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